Google Toolbar Internet Explorer

Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer

Free Google toolbar for internet explorer (ie)

Google toolbar integrate with internet explorer. So you don’t need to open It provide search box into your internet explorer so just type the word you want to search about. Google Toolbar increases your ability to find information from anywhere on the web. This also improves efficiency of your search.

Google Toolbar is also available for Firebox. To get the best benefit of google toolbar you need to download google toolbar for internet explorer or firebox. It has integration with the Google product like Google Earth, Google News, Google Maps and Blogger.

Main Features of google toolbar with

  • Google Safe Browsing :-It omit result which are suspicious
  • Send with Gmail :- You can send web page thought email.
  • Pop up blocker: - it will block the unwanted advertise from the website and keep your screen clean.
  • Custom Layouts
  • Auto Link: - this is excellent features of google toolbar for United States users.
  • AutoFill :- It will automatically fill online web form by just single mouse click
  • Word Translator: - It can translate the language of the web page to your local language (your preferred language).
  • Spell Check: - It your are bad typing and making lots of spelling error don’t worry this feature correct the spelling it you have typed wrong.
  • Page Rank Display
  • Highlight Search Terms: - It will high light the word on your google search result soo you don’t need to look at entire page for your word.
  • Word Find Buttons

Address Bar Browse by Name (Internet Explorer only)
if you don’t know the name of web site and if you just write a word for example "oxford" into the address bar. Toolbar will take you directly to the university's home page at If you search in that doesn't have an official web page, like "page rank checker tool" Browse by Name will automatically show you search results for that word.